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We are glad you have stopped by, if you are here you are already making steps in the right direction. We are experts in our field, the process of restoring hormones to their natural levels, and have a vast variety of knowledge on how to combat the effects this can have on you. Not only do we help you feel younger and more energized but we also have supplements and Lipo B12 injections to help aid in the process along with aesthetic services

The team at Restoration Medicine is committed to helping you be your best at every stage of life. As we age, our hormone levels can become imbalanced and our health and sense of wellbeing can suffer as a result. Restoring this imbalance can have many positive effects and we help you every step of the way. 

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Common Symptoms

Are you experiencing decreased sexual function & desire ? increased fatigue & weight gain ? depression and stress ? sleep disorders ? you might be a candidate for hormonal replacement therapy to restore your hormones to normal levels. Learn More Here

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Your physician will conduct an initial consultation with you and draw blood for testing. Based on the results of these and other evaluations, your physician will formulate an optimal hormone replacement regimen that is specifically tailored to your needs. Contact us to schedule a consult!

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What else ?

To get the full benefits of therapy we offer to you more than just hormonal balancing. We offer medical grade supplements, B12 shots, Lipo B12 injections, and other aesthetic services to help you get your young self back! We know how important this is and take great pride in helping our patients feel their best.

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  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
    Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Get the most out of life and have more energy. Are you feeling run-down, irritable, and anxious? Are you off sex and generally desperate to get your “mojo” back?...

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
    Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Over the last 50 years, research in the fields of endocrinology and immunology has improved our knowledge as to how and why we age.

  • Supplements / Lipo B12 Injections
    Supplements / Lipo B12 Injections

    Our supplements our genuine, proven to work, and 100% authentic. We are not a middleman but an authorized retailer for the products we sell. Each to help you along side...

  • Aesthetics

    We have plenty of skincare services to choose from. Facials, waxing / hair removal, skintreatments, chemical peels, microblading/eyebrow embroidery, microneedling, kybella,...

  • SkinCare Products
    SkinCare Products

    Skincare is important to add to your daily routine. It helps you cleanse, moisturise and keeps your skin in tip top condition. With our large variety of skincare...

  • Vein Care
    Vein Care

    We offer many types of vein treatment services for varicose veins and spider veins, all of which can be treated in a comfortable surgery center with the latest...


My first experience with AVC restorative clinic was wonderful. They went beyond my expections, it feels so good to beable to have energy again.

Dr Hunt is a excellent doctor. He was very thorough, explained the whole process to me and it made things alot easier for me since I was always wondering how the hormone therapy actually works. Long story short, I feel better now than I have in a long time, and I do highly recommend this clinic since they took so good care of me. Thank you

I've been working with the Restoration Medicine Group going on two years with amazing results. Any one who is trying to keep their physical and mental energy level and overall well-being ahead of the grind of daily life will benefit from their programs. They are scientific and detailed in their recommendations and provide constant follow up and feedback to tailor the program to each individuals needs and circumstances. Highly recommended. Your body and mind will thank you!

Everyone made me feel like I was right at home. The atmosphere is what I liked most, the treatment is great too. but the quality of care and attention I received will keep me coming back! Good job Alabama Vein Center..


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Zeke Eldridge
Sylvia Eldridge
Christina Hunt
Aesthetics Specialist

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